The majestic American Beech tree () is a native tree that once covered vast areas in North American forests. Featuring splendid color in fall, edible nuts and a beautiful canopy, it is hardy in zones 3-9. Prefers shade. www.naturehills.c…

Kentucky Coffee Tree is a lovely shade tree that offers a splash of spring and fall color. Spring brings the initial treat with clusters of petite, white flowers cascading from the branches. Their contrast against the double-compound, vibrant green leaves is lovely. Each leaf can reach up to 3 feet in length (with 100 tiny leaflets), presenting an impressive sight for your yard. #garden #spring #gardenchat #trees #flowers #gardening #plants

Desert Plains grass, is a hardy and graceful, fountain grass that makes a dazzling focal point in a sunny landscape. It is easy to grow and needs at least 6 hours of direct sun per day. Desert Plains is a seedling of Cassian, but has an improved habit, better flowering performance, and richer fall color. #garden #spring #gardenchat #trees #flowers #gardening #plants

Juniper Hughes is silver blue, low growing and wide spreading. It’s a top notch evergreen, perfect as an accent or groundcover. The color of the Juniper Hughes is stunning, the uses are endless and the benefits are abundant. The Juniper Hughes has silvery-blue foliage most of the year, adding low lying light to your garden beds. In the fall and winter it will delight as it takes on a slight purple cast. #garden #spring #gardenchat #trees #flowers #gardening #plants

Sourwood is a deciduous tree with ornamental features. Your Sourwood tree is an exquisite tree prized for its spring and fall color. Imagine the delicate Lily-of-the-Valley flower. Now visualize those hanging in 8-inch panicles from your tree as spring emerges in your yard. The dainty white flowers, fragrant and lovely, will bring an understated elegance to your yard. #garden #spring #gardenchat #trees #flowers #gardening #plants