DIY Mini Garden Miniatures are fun to make, I used to make miniature sculptures when was in school but I dont anymore. Among all kinds of miniature crafts miniature garden is my favorite! they look so fresh and adorable.While and after making my firstminiature gardenIve learned a lot about mini gardens, such as- how to make mini garden decors by myself, what kind of plants are good for mini gardens, how to take care of them and so on.This time I wanted to take my miniature garden skill to the next level and Im really happy with how it turned out 😀

If you’ve been following my parties, one name you’ll see over and over is Amy of Scrumdiddlyumptious Bakery. I’m not sure that “bakery” tells the whole story, because Amy also is a talented felt artist. She put both those skills to work in this Woodland Fairy Gnomes party she created for her daughter’s 7th … … Continue reading →